Vertigo And Deafness Clinic
Deafness Clinic
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Vertigo and Deafness clinic is one of the premier deafness and vertigo clinic in India and situated in Sector 2 Salt Lake City Kolkata. It is established by famous and very known Consultant Neurotologist Dr. Anirban Biswas. He is Ex-president of Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Ex-president of Neurotological and Equilibriometric Society of India. All types of Ear, CNS and Balance Tests are conducted here. Vertigo and Deafness Clinic located in Kolkata, India is a super-specialised and complete clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders that include Vertigo or Giddiness (which is a sensation of head spinning), Dizziness and Unsteadiness (i.e., imbalance or Instability). Vertigo and Deafness Clinic also offers facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of all hearing related disorders including the fitting of very high–end sophisticated hearing aids in simulated sound fields through real ear measurements. The clinic is equipped with all the latest diagnostic equipment’s required for the accurate diagnosis of patients suffering from vertigo, imbalance, hearing disorders and tinnitus. It also has all the latest therapeutic modalities for treating patients having disorders in their balance and / or hearing systems.


  • ASSR
  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • BERA
  • Impedance Audiometry
  • OAE
  • ECochG
  • ENG
  • VNG
  • CCG
  • Cervical VEMP
  • Ocular VEMP
  • VHIT
  • SVV
  • DVA
  • Caloric
  • Stabilometry
  • fHIT
  • Auditory Verbal Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Computerised Voice Analysis & Therapy

  • Services

  • Audiological Tests
  • Vestibular Function Tests
  • Vestibular Physiotherapy
  • Dispensing High End Hearing Aid
  • Psycological Assesment / Counselling
  • Consultation / Therapy for hearing & balance disor
  • Deafness Associated Tests

  • Departments

  • OPD
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